Friday, August 05, 2011

Showering our souls with charity


5th day of Ramadhan 1432 Hijriah (2011)

No doubt that water is the most important substance in life. 80% of the human body is made out of it, and without it, life as we know would not exist. Water also triggers seeds to germinate and nurture them to become full grown plants which sustain life. The presence of ice on a new planet is also seen as a good indicator for the possibility of the existence of life.

We can go on and on talking about this amazing molecule. But what I’d like to share here is again a reminder from the Qur’an. Water is made as an analogy of charity for the sake of God. To give in charity is one of the ancient commandments that all the messengers and prophets (peace be upon them) were told to deliver. Thus, it should be an honor for us to be engaged in such an act.

The likeness of charity for the sake of God is like a garden that receives plentiful of rain which doubles the harvest. And if only small amount of rain showers it, it is enough for it. The garden is a person’s soul, while the harvest is a person’s good deeds. Thus, the one who gives in charity for the sake of God’s pleasure will find ease and many opportunities to perform other good deeds. And consequently, these good deeds will make the soul stronger and happier.

The devil threatens us with poverty, thus it becomes so difficult for us to give even a small amount in charity. While it’s so easy for us to spend on luxury that we often don’t need. But the truth is, as the Beloved (peace and blessings be upon him) said, a man will who spends in charity for the sake of God, will ascend a higher degree and status because of it. Furthermore, there is a guarantee from God that whoever gives in charity for His sake will get his or her wealth being multiplied even more.

There are many of our brothers and sisters in humanity who are suffering even now. Our brothers and sisters in Somalia, in northern Japan, and all over the world. It’s always a good opportunity to give in charity, but it is even better in this blessed month. Thus, let’s refrain from spending on what we don’t need, and shower our souls with giving in charity.

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