Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The harm of a small joke


3rd day of Ramadhan 1432 Hijriah (2011)

We often take for granted our interaction with other people, whether we mean to or not. Going up to the point where we hurt other people’s feelings with our speech albeit unintentionally. We make jokes and funny insults thinking that they are amusing and can strengthen the bonds of the relationship, while the truth is, it often does otherwise.

This happens most often among good friends, spouses, or family. Thinking that those who are closest would have it easier to forget and forgive. Although it may be the case in this world, it most certainly will not be in the next.

We will be faced by a difficult day where brothers would run away from each other, where a person would run away from their parents, their spouses and even the children that they cherished so much. It is the day when nothing but justice will be brought forth. And those small jokes and insults will also be brought forth, which could become troublesome for those who commit it.

Although right now our friends or family may look as if they don’t mind us cracking jokes and funny insults at them, on “that day” they might be in a deficit of good deeds. And they will not hesitate to take our good deeds due to the injustice and heartache we caused them (through our jokes). Or in other words, a joke can cost us paradise and put us into the fire. Of course, not all jokes are bad, and in fact jokes can be good and pure, as taught by the Prophet SAW. But too often do we take it overboard.

Therefore, in this blessed month, let us introspect our relationship with others, and try our best to avoid foul talk and useless speech. Instead, let us use good words and honor each other, for that is the best way to truly strengthen our bonds of love between us. May God make it easy for all of us to reach for success in this month.

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