Sunday, August 07, 2011

Noble characters of the dwellers of paradise


7th day of Ramadhan 1432 Hijriah (2011)

We live in times of insecurity, rage and animosity. People cling on tightly towards their wealth, as they think it’s the source of security. Even when knowing that other people are in dire need of financial help. People are reactive towards everything they feel and see, raging about what they feel unsatisfactory. Maybe even we fit into these descriptions in one way or another.

These are opposite from characteristics owned by the future dwellers of paradise. These people have security with their Lord. They are not afraid to give in charity whether they are in ease (they have plenty of resources) or in tightness (not having plenty of resources themselves).

They are secure with their Lord and their own selves, that they have the heart to not get angry towards whatever injustice is committed upon them. Not only that, they find it in them to be able to forgive and forget about it, leaving no traces of the damage that was done.

Another characteristic that they have is the sensitivity to realize their own faults. They realize their faults quickly and repent as soon as they can. Thus they improve themselves as human beings all the time.

People with noble characters are hard to find nowadays. And no wonder our societies are in chaos. In order to transform our societies, we need to transform ourselves at the individual level. If we can obtain the characteristics of the future dwellers of paradise, that would be a great victory indeed. And as a bonus, our societies will in turn be much better than how they are now.

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