Thursday, July 19, 2012

The blessed at our doorsteps

You have come you have come 
o honorable guest
to wash our sins away
You have come you have come 
as a blessing and a test
to reach for His love we may

You prevent us from our evil 
and shine bright the good that we have
Locked away are all that’s deceitful 
so everything is up for grabs

You have come you have come 
o blessed nights
filled with remembrance
You will come you will come 
o night of might
may we not let you pass us away

Therein we received our guidance 
the Book which in it there’s no doubt
The emergence of a nation 
the nation of he who we love

Will you stay will you stay 
o blessed days?
in our hearts forever
Will we meet you again in another time and place
our beautiful Ramadhan

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