Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All of us will whither in the end…

It’s summer time here in Japan. Although hot, the plants are at their full lushness (it’s around 34 degrees here in Kyoto, and it will get hotter in August). It’s hard to imagine that just a few months ago, at the end of winter, all of these plants didn't even exist. Well, they might have existed as roots, being dormant, as seeds ready to germinate or whatever, but to the naked eye, they were literally, dead.

The weather changed, spring came, and suddenly all these plants just came out of nowhere. Showing their beautiful spring colors. The sakura (cherry blossom) flowers bloomed, the tulips bloomed, the ume (plum) flowers bloomed, along with all the other amazing flowers and plants. Everybody loves spring, photographers particularly. They can get amazing shots that would have been impossible to get in other seasons.

But all this beauty and magnificence, they don't last very long. Cherry blossoms (which is often used to symbolize Japan) are in full bloom for only two weeks at maximum. If rain comes, their display of beauty could end even sooner. And that goes the same for other flowers as well. In fact, even though the trees and plants are at their full lushness right now, in another few months, they will eventually wither and “die” all over again.  

Such is a lesson for all of us. Nothing lasts forever. It’s a cycle of creative magnificence. Just as we were brought into this world as babies, grew strong and beautiful, full of “lushness”, we will also wither and come to our time eventually. Some of us won’t even be given the chance to reach old age. So it is not so far fetched if we were to be raised up again, even if it’s as a new creation all together. Isn’t it easy for The One who created us in the beginning?

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