Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gathering with our loved ones… forever

Of all the blessings that God has blessed us, many would say that the blessing of family is one of the greatest. God has put in our hearts immense love for our family, especially our children. The story of Jacob and Joseph (peace be upon them) is one example of such love, where Jacob lost his sight due to extreme sadness of losing Joseph. This love can become so immense, God warned us to not let them (our family and children) distract us from His remembrance.

Parents can do unimaginable things out of love for their young ones. And you need to experience it first hand to truly understand it. Mothers put their lives at risk whenever they give birth to a child. But what happens after that? Despite all the pain and suffering through labor, the mother is overflowed with joy and happiness, so much so that the sight of the baby subdues the pain.

Fathers may not have the same unreal experience. They may not have as much compassion towards the child as the mother. But still, his love to his children will still be intense. And to be separated from the children, and family in general, is an unpleasant experience. And I say this from real life experience.

It would be most ideal if we could be together with the ones that we love forever and ever. But even in the best condition, it will never happen in this worldly life. There will always be the chance to be separated, whether because of job needs, school, business, and of course death.

However, there is one way to be gathered together FOREVER, in the best of places, as mentioned in the Qur’an. What we need to do is to believe and commit ourselves to good deeds. Furthermore, we also need to educate our children so that they do the same. In turn, they will do the same to their children and them to theirs, and it goes on and on until the end of time (by God’s will).

By doing so, we will be brought back together in eternal bliss. And the best part is, not only will we be gathered by our children, but also with our grandchildren, our great grandchildren, and so forth.

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