Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our Fortressed Education

For me, the ideal goal of “education” is to create minds that will build the community (or at least not burden it). When I say ideal, I truly hope that one day, it can be more than just a jargon. The prosperity and downfall of a community depends on the quality of its scholars. And the quality of a community’s scholars depends on the education they undergo. Wouldn’t it be nice if a community had bright scholars that are committed and focused on its development? But how can a scholar focus on building his community if he doesn’t know, doesn’t understand, and doesn’t feel connected to it?

The educational system in Indonesia (formal and informal) isolates the scholars from its community. It acts like a fortress that separates the so-called “intellectuals” and the so-called “people”. Once the “intellectuals” go back to the community, they are placed in places that are somewhat isolated from the “people”, where they gather with their same kind, thus forming a golden cage, which they enjoy by themselves. The “people” on the other hand, do not receive any benefit from the “intellectuals”, which they actually supported to flourish (indirectly).

Trapped by their state of mind, the “intellectuals” are then ignorant and have no significant role in the community’s development, which in turn makes the community stagnant (or even worse, degenerate), which might possibly be happening in Indonesia right now…

Let’s find the key to release our fear and ignorance, and let us regain our strength and courage to do what we think is right.

Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that many of Indonesia’s scholars have found that this mind cage does really exist, and are in the middle of finding the key to unlock it. I hope we can all contribute towards a better future for the people who need it (in any way possible).


akuakultur said...

artikel yang bagus.. somethin gto think about.. kumaha putra.. sehat??

Fendrri said...

Halo kang rof. Alhamdulillah semuanya sehat. berkat doanya. :)