Thursday, July 11, 2013

They would indeed shed blood

It can be really depressing witnessing the bloodshed that is currently happening. The killings in Myanmar, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and most recently in Egypt are all examples of how evil and morally bankrupt can human beings become. Why are these things happening? How people could kill others in cold blood and how they are comfortable in oppressing others is just beyond my comprehension. Why do these kind of people exist? Why did God create them?

Well, I guess that was just how the Angels felt when our father, Adam AS*, was created. The Angels knew that humanity would shed blood. The Angels knew that humanity would create unimaginable destruction on earth. God’s reply was: “I know that which you don’t know.”

Along with the potency for destruction, humanity also has the potency of much good. So much so that the Angels were ordered to bow to Adam AS. Granted we will also make mistakes, just as our father Adam AS did when he ate from the tree. But we also have in ourselves remorse and the ability to repent, realize our mistakes, learn from them, and in turn become better human beings.

Going back to the oppressions that we see in our times. We condemn them. That’s the least we can do. Normal human beings will condemn injustice. Normal human beings will condemn oppression of their kin. After all, we are all brothers and sisters from the lineage of our father Adam AS aren’t we? 

There are certain times, many times in fact, where we will feel helpless to help those we want to help. Thus, there are things we need to try to remind ourselves. We will always shed blood. We will always disagree. There will always be oppression and injustice, until the end of time. While doing our best, within our own capacity to eradicate them, know that EVERYTHING is under control. From the rotation of the smallest particles, the leaves that fall, to the expansion of the universe, God is in control. Humanity will continue to shed blood, yet He knows that which we don't know.

Reflections from Al Baqarah, ayah 30 ~

*AS: Alayhissalaam (peace be upon him)
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