Friday, May 18, 2012

The weapon of the believer

As I went home yesterday, I suddenly had a strange urge of wanting to eat mangoes. To be even thinking about getting mangoes at my local grocery store at this time of season is somewhat ridiculous (to tell you the truth, I have never seen any mangoes sold there). But feeling a bit mischievous at the time, I wanted to try a method that is said to be powerful to get our wishes: ask God to give it to us.

So with all the sincerity and seriousness that I could gather, I asked Him, “God, if it’s good for me, may I be given mangoes to eat today? O owner of the heavens and earth...” And so I headed to my local grocery store and went straight to the fruits section. And behold... No mangoes...

Well, I expected to not see any mangoes. And I began to contemplate on one of the guidelines of prayers, such as not asking for what is impossible or somewhat impossible (for example: asking to be able to fly like superman). So I thought that perhaps what I asked for was too farfetched. But I did see a type of fruit that I have never in my life saw in that grocery store: papayas! I was pleasantly surprised, but it wasn’t the fruit that I was looking for, so I passed on it.

So I circled the grocery store for my other needs. And just as I passed the canned fruit section, there it was... the one that I have been craving for... mangoes (albeit already canned)!!! And then at another glance, it was another sighting... mango ice pops! I only got the canned mangoes though, as that was what I asked God for. A small thing for others, but it has given me a much needed boost in my faith towards Him.

The Prophet (PBUH)* said that the prayer is the weapon of the believer. All elements of worship are present in the act. There is hope, love, and fear in it. And I proved to myself that it is indeed a powerful weapon. So powerful that one needs to take extra caution when using it, as it may sometimes backfire towards the one who utilizes it.

We as human beings only know that much about what is truly good for us, and there is a chance that we ask for something that is bad for us. The money that we ask for may lead us in spending in extravagance; the car that we ask for might be our ticket towards an accident, etc. May we all be given the wisdom to ask (and work) for what is truly good for us, and be people who have their prayers answered be the Almighty.

*PBUH: peace be upon him

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