Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Dajjal Inside of Us

Dajjal is a well-known character in the Islamic religion, which betrays the truth and sucks people in towards his defiance. Whether he is a real person or a system remains debatable. Christians may also know him as the “anti-christ”. He is said to be one of the signs of “the last day”.

The most dangerous of his characteristics is his ability to mislead people to think that good is bad; heaven is hell, and vice versa (he is also known as “the great deceiver”). However, if we open our hearts and be truthful, we will be able to identify Dajjal’s traps and stay away from them.

The 1 dollar one-eyed pyramid. The symbol of Dajjal??

The modern way of life demands us to reach for a successful career, power, plenty of riches, fun all the way, and other worldly pleasures, a one-dimensional view, which is an analogy of Dajjal’s one eye. Although at times we realize that we are lost and need a more proper goal in life, the pressure that is created around us by Dajjal’s system, forces us to go back to our “ordinary” lifestyle. As we get sucked in his defiance, we get more and more comfortable with the ride and tend to just play along. This way, our happiness will be illusive and short lasting.

Somehow, we have let him taken control of us. His clutches are so powerful that we have let little Dajjals grow inside of us now. His lust, his ambition and his spirit to create a world of ignorance, competition, pragmatism, and materialism have become what we breathe for. We live day by day to continue our routines without any real meaning in what we do. We do our best to improve our way of living, our comfort, yet we tend to forget/ignore what is happening around us.

How can we bear following tomorrow’s fashion trend, while there are still people that don’t even wear clothing? How can we still enjoy juicy thick beefsteaks while there are people that are dying because of hunger?

Still fancy yourself a luxurious dinner? Think again...

Is there no hope left? After these little Dajjals grow inside of us, is there any way to get rid of them?

Let us try to listen to our hearts more intensively. Seek what real happiness is, and let us break free from Dajjals clutches...

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